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Blessed with a rich and diverse river eco-system, Laredo is home to hundreds of species of local and migratory birds. It's no wonder that Laredo is considered part of the "birdiest" corridor in North America.

Our prized birds include the Morelet's Seedeater, Scaled Quail, Gray Hawk, Audubon’s and Altamira Orioles, Green Parakeets, Muscovy Duck, Red-billed Pigeon and Clay-colored Thrush, among many others.

Each day, birders will have a chance to select from a variety of full-day scenic trips. Escorted by professional field guides and members of our local Monte Mucho Audubon Society, birders will have an opportunity to deepen their avian knowledge of South Texas, and explore areas along Laredo’s riverfront, creek systems, nature trails and private ranchland.

what will you find

Warm South Texas hospitality, a dynamic city that bridges two cultures, and, of course, birds!

In Laredo, you will have unprecedented access to view the Seedeater and other avian beauties. We are a small festival, so there is ample opportunity for discovery. You never know what you are going to find. Birding enthusiasts describe Laredo as the only place in the U.S. to have boasted four species of Kingfisher: the Ringed, Belted, Green and Amazon.

Our growing birding festival provides birders the opportunity to work closely with professional field guides, and to explore the depth of Laredo’s natural beauty. Carefully selected public green spaces and private ranchland will provide visitors the chance to visit sites that have never been birded. The Laredo Birding Festival includes professionally guided field trips, a chance to catch our local green parakeets in action at St. Peter's Plaza in the afternoon, and special talks in the evenings.

We will again offer festival favorites -- such as "Bird 'til you Drop--Zapata County", "Bird 'til you Drop--Webb County", and two different kayak trips, "Floating Under Flyways I & II: Birding on the Rio Grande".

Enjoy a diverse selection of scenic getaways that can be explored during the three-day Laredo Birding Festival. For those who have already birded Laredo, or will make this their first visit - welcome to our Gateway City!

rare beauties

In 2010, and again in 2016, a particular celebrity of note that caused quite a stir was the female Amazon Kingfisher, a real rare beauty and a first sighting in the United States. Both appearances were at Zacate Creek's intersection with the Rio Grande, at Las Palmas Nature Trail, attracting birding paparazzi from across the United States and beyond. The news of their presence spread fast and just as quickly so did the story of Laredo's hospitality.

During the Audubon Society's 119th national Christmas Bird Count, a Blue Mockingbird was spotted at the river bend of the Rio Grande. There have only been a few sightings of this dazzling bird in the United States. We hope this extraordinary visitor will make its appearance again during the LBF!
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festival agenda

• Welcome & E-mingle: coffee/mimosa mixer
• Bird Outing Video #1: BIRDING AT THE MAX
• Laredo Ranchers At A Glance
• Trivia Workshop: Test Your Bird ID Skills with Richard Crossley
• Bird Outing Video #2: MARTINEÑA & ROCKIN R6 RANCH
• Keynote Speaker Richard Crossley -
     “There and Back: 16,000-mile Adventure to Alaska”
• 5 min. break
• Guest Speaker Holly Merker -
     “Ornitherapy: For Your Mind, Body, and Soul”
• A Sneak Peek at the Birds of the Brush Art Contest
• 5 min. break
• Bird Outing Video #4: ZAPATA COUNTY
• Laredo Special: History of the Region by Jerry Thompson, PhD
• Bird Outing Video #5: RANCHO RIO VERDE
• Closing Remarks



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